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Infrared Scanning

Precision Building Inc. visits your site & shoots a THERMOGRAPH IMAGE that will show you the truth about what lies underneath what you can't see. Our thermographic imaging can be used to detect....

  • Moisture Under Roofing Membranes
  • Faulty Electrical Panels
  • Heat Loss Through Wall, Windows, & Doors
  • Leaks in Radiant Heat
  • Moisture Through Walls

In very short order, our certified infrared inspectors can thermographically scan your site to identify and document problems for remediation. You have the potential to save significant amounts of money in energy, maintenance, and insurance costs.

Click Here for a downloadable PDF on Infrared Scanning


Want to Reduce Energy, Maintenance & Insurance Costs?

Imagine the potential savings...

  • Increasing the energy efficiency of your building
  • Pinpointingthe location of water infiltration
  • Easily spotting overloaded electrical panels, loose connections, and damaged wires
  • Reducing insurance costs by fulfilling the requirements of the infrared electrical inspection
  • Predicting when your equipment is on the verge of breaking down
  • Significantly decreasing the down time of your production line
  • Repairing only sections of your roof without replacing it entirely
  • Locating leaks in radiant heating and pipes
  • Knowing where invisible, unsafe conditions exist
  • Finding problems fast & easy.
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